Start Ya Bastard Instant Engine Starter

Start Ya Bastard Instant Engine Starter

Nulon "Start Ya Bastard" Instant Engine Starter (SYB) promotes easy starting of all diesel and petrol engines (both two-stroke and four-stroke). In searching for a name for this product, we could not get away from the three words most commonly used to describe a difficult-to-start engine "Start Ya Bastard". We trust you will not be offended.

Nulon's SYB high potency, highly concentrated, highly flammable formulation is designed to instantly start difficult-to-start engines. Of course an engine has to be in sound condition and tuned correctly for it to start at all. However, there are many reasons why an engine can be difficult to start, such as:

Petrol Engines:

  • Old or stale fuel
  • Low battery condition
  • Poor choke operation
  • Cold ambient temperature
  • Insufficient engine cranking speed, particularly on manual start engines such as motor mowers, small motorcycles etc.
  • Engine has been sitting idle for a long time
  • Frail people who are not strong enough to pull a start cord quickly enough
  • Initial start after repair work

Diesel Engines:

  • Cold ambient temperatures
  • Faulty glow plugs
  • Old, stale, or out of season fuel
  • Low cylinder pressures
  • Low battery
  • Initial start after repair work or bleeding fuel system

There is nothing more annoying than an engine that refuses to start. Nulon SYB should be kept on hand at all times in the glove box, in the workshop or in the home garage, the boat, or the tractor. One never knows when an engine will become stubborn and refuse, or be difficult to start. Nulon SYB will help preserve battery condition and it is totally harmless to engines. One short spray of Nulon is all that is necessary to start the most stubborn of engines.


  • Starts all engines easily
  • Easy to use
  • Conserves batteries
  • No mechanical knowledge necessary
  • Saves inconvenience
  • Avoids down-time of equipment
  • Makes life easier for frail people who use small engines in their garden etc.


  • All diesel engines
  • All four-stroke petrol engines
  • All two-stroke petrol engines
  • All hobby engines

Directions for Use:

Diesel engines

Do not use heater plugs when using Nulon SYB. Spray a short burst directly into the air cleaner or air intake from a distance of 5-10 cm. At the same time activate starter button, or crank engine by hand. (Note: hand-cranked engines usually require several revolutions to start.)

All petrol engines

(Including two-stroke and hobby engines.) With ignition turned off, spray a short burst of Nulon SYB into the air intake or air cleaner, then start the engine. Do not use the choke or flood the carburettor. Use sparingly for best results.


Do not use near fire or flame. Use with adequate ventilation. Get fresh air if required. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, call physician immediately. Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Keep out of reach of children. Do not puncture or incinerate can even when empty. Store in a cool place out of the sun.

Highly Flammable

Dangerous Goods Class 2.1
Miscellaneous Hazardous UN No. 1950
Poisons Schedule Number: S5
Propellant: Carbon Dioxide
Contains: 24% Ether


Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My diesel engine is hard to start on cold mornings, will Start Ya Bastard help this problem

2 years ago

Start Ya Bastard Instant Engine Starter will help all engines, both diesel and petrol, start on those very cold winter mornings. One short spray into the intake is all it takes to start stubborn engines.

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Does Nulon have a penetrating lubricant spray for rusted nuts and bolts

2 years ago

Yes, Nulon Handyman Spray Lube is effective at penetrating and lubricating rusted and corroded parts

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What lubricant can I use on my car window tracks and rubbers

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