TOYOTA SUPER LONG LIFE COOLANT :Recommended for the following specifications

NOTE: This is a recommendation only, please check your manual handbook for correct lubricant

Red Long Life Concentrated Coolant

Nulon Red Long Life Coolant (RLL) provides the ultimate anti-boil, anti-freeze and corrosion protection for all late model vehicles, including petrol, diesel and heavy-duty diesel applications. RLL incorporates the most up-to-date organic additive technology (OAT) carboxylate corrosion inhibitors. RLL is the preferred coolant to use in cooling systems fitted with aluminium radiators.
ASTM standardsASTM D5345ASTM D4985ASTM D4656ASTM D4340ASTM D3306ASTM D2809ASTM D2570ASTM D1384
Audi ClaimsAudi G12+Audi G12
BMW ClaimsBMW (UK)
Chrysler ClaimsDaimler Chrysler MS-976Daimler Chrysler MS-7170
Ford SpecificationsWSS-M97B44-DESE-M97-B18CESE M97-B44DESE M97-B44A
GlysantinGlysantin G34Glysantin G33Glysantin G30Glysantin G12++Glysantin G12+Glysantin G 30-91 Coolant
GM ClaimsGM 6277MGM 1899MGM 1825M
Honda SpecificationsHonda Longlife Coolant Type 2Honda All Season Type 2
Madza SpecificationsMazda MES MN 121D
Mitsubishi SpecificationsMitsubishi ES-X64217
Nissan ClaimsNissan NES M 5509
Other ClaimsSAE J1034Paraflu UPJIS K2234 (Japan)BS 6580:1992BS 6580:1992AS 2108-2004 Type A
Toyota SpecificationsTOYOTA SUPER LONG LIFE COOLANTToyota K2601G
Volvo ClaimsVolvo (UK)
VW ClaimsVW G12+VW G12

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