Texaco ETL-7045E :Recommended for the following specifications

NOTE: This is a recommendation only, please check your manual handbook for correct lubricant

Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Nulon's latest Full Synthetic technology has combined most automatic transmission fluid requirements in one fluid. It is suitable for most manufacturer requirements such as Allison C-4, Mercon V, JASO 1-A, Dexron III, ATF +4 and many others. The full synthetic formulation has improved oxidation stability, shear stability, and friction durability to enhance transmission shift performance.
Allison ClaimsAllison TES-295Allison C-4Aisan Warner Automatic Transmissions *
Audi ClaimsAudi G 060 162Audi G 055 162Audi G 055 025Audi G 055 005Audi G 052 990Audi G 052 162
BMW ClaimsBMW P/N 83 22 0 142 516BMW LT 71141BMW LA2634BMW 7045E
Chrysler ClaimsChrysler Mopar AS68RCChrysler ATF +4Chrysler ATF +3
Ford SpecificationsFord WSS-M2C924-AFord WSS-M2C919-DFord WSS-M2C 919-EFord WSS-M2C 202-BFord TQ95Ford MERCON VFord MERCON SP and LV*Ford MERCONFord FNR5Ford ESZ-M2C-83C2 (SAE70W)BTR 5M-44, 5M-52BTR 4 Speed 85LE/91LE/95LE
Honda SpecificationsHonda ATF-Z1
Hyundai ClaimsHyundai SP-IIIHyundai SP-IIHyundai NWS-9638Hyundai Long Life ATFHyundai 4 Speed Automatic
Kia ClaimsKia SP-IV *Kia SP-IIIKia SP-IIKia Red - 1
Madza SpecificationsMazda ATF-M IIIMazda ATF MV
MB ClaimsMercedes Benz 236.9Mercedes Benz 236.7Mercedes Benz 236.6Mercedes Benz 236.5Mercedes Benz 236.3Mercedes Benz 236.2Mercedes Benz 236.11Mercedes Benz 236.10Mercedes Benz 236.1
Mitsubishi SpecificationsMitsubishi ELC-4-SP3Mitsubishi ELC-4 (SP)Mitsubishi Diamond SP-IV *Mitsubishi Diamond SP-IIIMitsubishi Diamond SP-IIMitsubishi ATF J2*
Nissan ClaimsNissan Matic-S *Nissan Matic-KNissan Matic J FluidNissan Matic DNissan 402
Other ClaimsVoith 55.6336.XX (G1363)Voith 55.6335.XX (G607)Type A Suffix ATexaco N402Texaco ETL-8072BTexaco ETL-7045ESAAB 93 165 147 *Proton ATF-SPMopar 7176MES MN 117AMan 339FMan 339 Z2Man 339 Z1Man 339 V2Man 339 V1JWS 3324*JWS 3317JWS 3314JWS 3309JASO 1-AIdemitsu K17GMH HN 2414GMH HN 2287GMH HN 2126Esso LT 71141Caterpillar TO-2
Shell ClaimsShell M-1375.6 *Shell M-1375.5 *Shell M-1375.4 *#Shell LA2634Shell 3403
Subaru ClaimsSubaru ATF-HPSubaru ATF
Suzuki ClaimsSuzuki 3317Suzuki 3314
Toyota SpecificationsToyota WS (JWS 3324) *Toyota T-llToyota T-IVToyota T-IIIMitsubishi ELC-4-SP2/M
Volvo ClaimsVolvo 97341Volvo 97340Volvo 4-6 Speed
VW ClaimsVW G 060 162VW G 055 162VW G 055 025VW G 055 005VW G 052 990VW G 052 162
ZF ClaimsZF TE-ML 17CZF TE-ML 16LZF TE-ML 14BZF TE-ML 14AZF TE-ML 11bZF TE-ML 09ZF TE-ML 05LZF TE-ML 04DZF TE-ML 03DZF Lifeguard Fluid 6 *#ZF Lifegaurd Fluid 5

Automatic Transmission Fluids : notations

* Recommended not to mix with other ATF fluids.
# Dry fill recommended