Agri-Cool Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet Pre-Mix Coolant (AGCOOL)

Nulon AGRI-COOL Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet Coolant is specifically formulated with advanced coolant technology to meet the performance requirements of all modern petrol and diesel agricultural and farming equipment.

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Nulon AGRI-COOL Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet Coolant is premixed with high quality demineralised water at a 50/50 coolant to water ratio, requiring no further dilution. The ethylene glycol coolant base is combined with a hybrid mixture of advanced organic and inorganic inhibitor chemistry to provide superior anti-freeze, anti-boil, cavitation, and corrosion protection for a wide range of agricultural and farming machinery.

Nulon AGRI-COOL is recommended where the following industry standards or manufacturer’s specifications are cited:
• Australian Standard – AS/NZ 2108:2004 (Type A)
• American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210
• British Standard – BS 6580
• Caterpillar EC-1
• Cummins CES 14603
• Case MS 1710
• Detroit Diesel 7SE298, 93K217
• General Motors GM-6038M
• MTU MTL 5048


Nulon AGRI-COOL Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet Coolant is premixed and ready to use. Refer to your equipment maintenance manual for instructions on the draining and refilling of your cooling system. The equipment manual should also advise cooling system capacity.
Replace Nulon AGRI-COOL Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet coolant at the service interval recommended by your equipment manufacturer, or at the default interval of 8 years or 12,000 hours of use (whichever occurs first). Suitable for use as a top-up of yellow or green heavy duty diesel coolants. When topping up the service life defaults to that of the original coolant. If you are unaware of the type or service life of the coolant in the system, we recommend a complete coolant change to Nulon AGRI-COOL Heavy Duty Multi-Fleet Coolant.


SAFETY: Wash hands, face and all exposed skin thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves, eye/face protection. Avoid breathing mist, vapours or spray.

FIRST AID: IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Do NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth. IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (e.g. phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor (at once).

ENVIRONMENT: Do not pollute drains, soil or water with used products. After use, dispose of container in a responsible manner. Disposal of container should comply with local council regulations.