Premium Mineral Engine Oils

Nulon's premium mineral engine oil range gives you excellent everyday performance and protection at an affordable price. Using premium mineral base stocks and high-performance additives, Nulon's mineral range will keep your vehicle protected and running smoothly.

For those large capacity hard driven, drag and race engine's wanting more protection from a mineral oil, Nulon's High Zinc 25W-60 contains very high zinc levels, Nulon's Moly Dithiocarbamate (Mod DTC) and Moly Amine to form the perfect combination of protective additives.

Premium Mineral 15W-40 Everyday Engine Oil

Nulon Premium Mineral 15W-40 Everyday Engine Oil is formulated with virgin mineral base oils and high-performance additives which provide optimum performance and protection to most late model engines.

Available in : 5 litres   1 Litre  

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Premium Mineral 40-70 Extra Thick Oil

Nulon Premium Mineral 40-70 Extra Thick Engine Oil is a high viscosity, premium mineral engine oil formulated to provide the ultimate protection for engines used under severe conditions such as towing, racing or prolonged heavy use in hot climates.

Available in : 5 litres  

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