What Does Moly DTC Do?

Moly DTC or Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (MoDTc) is a new friction modifier technology developed for use in engine oils with multiple benefits.

  • Reducing friction coefficient thus reducing fuel consumption
  • Act as anti-wear component to reduce engine wear due to metal to metal friction
  • Increasing load carrying capacity

How does Moly DTC work?

Nulon Moly DTC Engine Treatment is proven to dramatically reduce the friction of contacting metal surfaces within any engine. The high tech formula actively creates a low friction sacrificial barrier immediately when metal to metal contact occurs.

Moly DTC molecules within the engine oil then continuously replenish this high strength barrier as it depletes. Reducing internal engine friction reduces metal wear, heat and allows the engine to run more efficiently giving you more power and better fuel economy.

Moly DTC has been tested and proven to provide a minimum of 28% less friction when used in engine oils without Moly DTC.

Providing additional metal to metal wear protection during cold starts, high temperatures and heavy load driving such as towing or racing, Moly DTC is the ultimate engine oil treatment for today’s modern vehicles.

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