Brake Fluids

Nulon's range of Super DOT 4 Xtreme Performance brake fluid and clear DOT 3 brake fluid exceed all requirements for modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles requiring either a DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification brake fluid.

Xtreme Performance Brake Fluid - Super DOT 4

Changed you brake fluid lately?  It should be changed every 2 years. Nulon Extreme Performance Brake Fluid (XBF) is guaranteed safe to use in disc or drum brake and clutch systems. Use for top-up or as a complete fill where dot 4 brake fluid is specified. With a boiling point of 280C it won't fade under tough braking.

Available in : 500 ml   20 litres  

Dot 3 - Brake Fluid

Nulon DOT 3 Brake Fluid (BF3) is a high-performance brake fluid (DOT 3) which optimises the benefits of superior boiling point and high vapour lock temperature throughout its service life.

Available in : 500 ml