Red Premium Long Life Pre-Mix Coolant (RLLTU)

Nulon Premium Long Life Pre-Mix Coolant – Red (RLLTU) is a pre-diluted, ready to use 50/50 mix of Red Long Life Coolant (RLL) and demineralised water. RLLTU is formulated to be used as a top-up for any cooling system using Nulon RLL or as a complete fill product where water quality is poor.

Compatible specs

Specification Groups Specifications.
AS Claims AS 2108-2004 Type A
ASTM ASTM D1384, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809, ASTM D3306, ASTM D4340, ASTM D4656, ASTM D4985, ASTM D5345
Chrysler Daimler Chrysler MS-9769
Ford ESE M97-B18C, ESE M97-B44A, WSS-M97B44-D
GM GM 1825M, GM 1899M, GM 6277M
Madza Mazda MES MN 121D
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi ES-X64217
Nissan Nissan NES M 5509
Other Claims BS 6580:1992, JIS K2234 (Japan)
Saab SAAB FSD 8704
Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1034
Toyota Toyota K2601G
Volvo Volvo (UK)