Blue Premium Long Life Coolant 100% Concentrate (BLL)

Nulon Blue Premium Long Life Coolant 100% Concentrate (BLL) is Silicate, Borate and Phosphate free. Japanese vehicles require Silicate and Borate free coolant, while European vehicles require Phosphates free coolant.

Compatible specs

Specification Groups Specifications.
AS Claims AS 2108-2004 Type A
ASTM ASTM D1384, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809, ASTM D3306, ASTM D4340
BMW N 600 69.0
Honda Honda Radiator Coolant Type 2 (Blue)
Mercedes Benz MB 325.0
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Super Long Life Premium Coolant (Blue) part MZ313950
Nissan Nissan Blue Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant
Opel Opel B 040 0240
Other Claims JIS K2234 (Japan)
Saab SAAB 690 1599
Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1034
Subaru Subaru Super Long Life coolant (Blue)
Suzuki Suzuki Super Long Life coolant (Blue)
VW TL-774-C