Mineral 15W-40 Everyday Diesel Engine Oil (ED15W40)

Nulon Mineral 15W-40 Everyday Diesel Engine Oil is blended to meet API CH-4/SH specifications. Premium base oils combined with detergents prevent oil thickening and soot build-up which keeps the engine cleaner and cooler for longer. 

Compatible specs

Specification Groups Specifications.
American Petroleum Institute API CH-4, API CG-4, API SH, API SJ, API SG
Blend Type Mineral
Compatible Fuels CNG, Dual-Fuel, Heavy Duty Diesel, LPG, Petrol
Cummins Cummins 20076
MAN Claims MAN 270
Mercedes Benz MB 228.1, MB 228.3
Other Claims MAN 271, MAN M3275, MTU Type 1, MTU Type 2
Society of Automotive Engineers SAE 15W-40