Engine Treatments

Nulon is well known as the pioneer of PTFE Engine Treatments since the early 80's. The Engine Treatment range has increased over the years to become the broadest range on offer in Australia. Nulon now offers preventative maintenance products to help prolong component life and "fix-it" products that assist with common vehicle problems.

Worn Engine Repair

Nulon Worn Engine Repair with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fights friction and wear in worn engines. It helps extend the life of worn petrol, diesel or LPG engines. The PTFE particles suspended in Worn Engine Repair provide a protective shield between all friction surfaces, minimising the effects of existing wear and helping to reduce further wear.

Available in :
E10 - 300 ml  

Modern Engine Treatment

Nulon Modern Engine Treatment provides the highest level of anti-wear protection available and minimises friction whilst reducing wear & cold-start damage in all petrol, diesel and LPG engines. It is ideal for use in high performance, turbo charged and race engines. Nulon Modern Engine Treatment can be used with any type of engine oil, including Nulon fully synthetic engine oil.

Available in :
E20 - 300 ml  

Engine Oil Flush

Don't put clean oil into a dirty engine. Use Nulon Engine Oil Flush ( EOF )  to reduce damaging sludge and varnish and extend the life of your engine. Safe for use in all engine types: petrol, diesel, LPG, old or new. Nulon Engine Oil Flush greatly assists in ridding the engine of potentially damaging contaminants.


Available in :
EOF - 300 ml  

Engine Stop Leak

Formulated to reduce oil leaks and exhaust smoke. Use this product if your car: leaks oil, blows blue smoke at start-up, blows smoke on take-off from traffic lights. Nulon Engine Stop Leak can also be used in gearboxes and differentials.

Available in :
ESL - 300 ml  

Lifter-Free and Tune-Up

Does your car engine rattle or make a tick, tick,  tick (ticking) noise on start-up? Lifter-Free & Tune-Up will help. It dissolves and dislodges harmful varnish and carbon deposits that accumulate within and around hydraulic lifters and cam followers without causing any damage to oil seals or gaskets.

Available in :
LFTU - 300 ml  

Stop Smoke

Nulon Stop Smoke (SS) is ideal for all petrol, diesel and LPG engines. SS uses hi-tech long- chain polymer technology to help reduce smoke fast. Its extra thick formula creates a seal between worn surfaces, helping to stop oil leaking past piston rings into the combustion chamber. 

Available in :
SS - 500 ml