Fuel Treatments

Nulon's fuel treatments have an excellent reputation across a wide network of users from thousands of motorsport enthusiasts, looking to improve performance, to trade professionals, who understand quality, and are looking to improve fuel economy. Customers will notice an immediate restoration of vehicle power, performance and economy.

Petrol Injector Cleaner

Nulon Petrol Injector Cleaner (PIC) is a powerful chemical cleaner that helps clean  your fuel injection or carburettor system fast. PIC helps to eliminate hard starting, rough running, flat spots on acceleration and poor performance. PIC is safe to use in all types of petrol.

Available in : 300 ml   150 ml   500 ml   20 litres  

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Nulon Diesel Injector Cleaner (DIC) has been completely reformulated to satisfy the demands associated with the new ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel and the demands of new hi-tech engines.  DIC is a complete cleaning and lubricating treatment for all diesel fuel systems.

Available in : 300 ml   150 ml   20 litres  

Pro-Strength Octane Booster

Nulon Pro Strength Octane Booster (PSO) stops engine pinging (detonation) by instantly boosting the octane rating of all petrol. PSO maximises horsepower and eliminates hesitation on acceleration. PSO is specifically designed for use in high performance and race engines with carburettors or fuel injection. PSO is safe for use in all unleaded petrols, race petrol and avgas.

Available in : 500 ml  

Total Fuel System Cleaner

Total Fuel System Cleaner contains the world’s leading polyetheramine fuel system cleaning technology that cleans fuel injectors, combustion chambers and inlet valves of power-robbing carbon deposits in just 1 tank. 


Available in : 500 ml  

Lead Substitute

Nulon Lead Substitute (LS) makes unleaded petrol safe to use in all vehicles that were designed to operate on leaded petrol (pre-1986). LS uses the latest and safest technology to provide unsurpassed valve and valve seat protection. It meets the Australian Standard AS4430.1-1996

Available in : 500 ml  

E85 Performance Fuel Treatment

Nulon Ethanol E85 Performance Fuel Treatment is formulated to protect fuel systems that have been designed or converted to run E85 fuel.

Available in : 300 ml  

Octane Boost and Clean

Nulon Octane Boost & Clean stops (OBC) engine pinging (detonation) by instantly boosting the octane rating of all types of petrol. Its strong cleaning action physically removes the carbon deposits that are a major cause of pinging. Your car will regain lost performance, start more easily and run more smoothly.

Available in : 300 ml  

Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

This product is the ultimate fuel cleaner and performance booster for any diesel vehicle. State of the art additives actively clean and lubricate the entire fuel system including modern ultra-fine common rail injectors, preventing injector failure, often missed by regular cleaners. 

Available in : 500 ml  

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator

Nulon Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator is a specifically designed formula that cleans, regenerates and prevents DPF systems going into Limp Mode. Formulated for vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filter, the active cleaning agents helps to lower combustion temperature required to regenerate DPF even during stop-start driving conditions.

Available in : 300 ml  

Diesel Fuel Detox

Diesel Fuel Detox is a complete detergent based diesel fuel additive that assists with the economy, performance and algae protection of diesel engines. It is an extreme detox for the entire fuel system, including your fuel tank and engine, enhancing the performance of your diesel engine.

Available in : 1 Litre  

Diesel Turbo Cleaner

Diesel Turbo Cleaner cleans dirty turbochargers by removing unwanted deposits. It also cleans catalytic converters, EGR valves and sticky wastegates, improving combustion and restoring engine power. Use as a preventative to maintain and promote diesel engine reliability. Ideal for all diesel engines.

Available in : 500 ml  

Fuel Stabiliser & Algae Killer

This dual purpose product is specifically formulated to eliminate and prevent the growth of a range of algae in petrol, E85, diesel and biofuel systems. Nulon Fuel Stabiliser & Algae Killer stabilises fuel, preventing the fuel from going stale during storage and prolonged periods of inactivity, eliminating the need to drain the fuel tank (before or after storage).

Available in : 1 Litre