Lead Substitute Valve Saver

Lead Substitute Valve Saver

Nulon Lead Substitute Valve Saver makes unleaded petrol safe for use in all vehicles designed to run on leaded petrol. Lead Substitute uses the latest and safest potassium technology to provide unsurpassed valve and valve seat protection.

Older engines with cast-iron cylinder heads can use Nulon Lead Substitute Valve Saver with unleaded petrol for an indefinite period of time to avoid costly cylinder head modifications.

Lead Substitute Valve Saver provides maximum upper cylinder lubrication. It can also be used in vehicles running on unleaded petrol where additional upper cylinder lubrication is required. Nulon Lead Substitute Valve Saver is also the recommended refill for LPG under-bonnet lubrication reservoirs.


  • Reduces valve seat burning & wear
  • Helps lubricate top piston rings
  • Prevents valve seat recession (VSR)
  • Helps clean upper cylinder deposits
  • Provides better valve sealing
  • Cost-effective solution for classic car owners
  • Helps dissipate high temperature from exhaust valves
  • Safe for use with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
Test Result
Opel Kadet Valve Seat Recession Test Completely halted valve seat recession
M102E Intake Valve Deposit Test Minimal deposit formation
Peugeot 205 GTi Injector Cleanliness Test No adverse effect
Catalyst Durability Test Within legislation limits
28 Car Field Test Lower inlet valve depositsLower combustion chamber deposits
Turbine Blade Cleanliness Test No adverse effect on turbine deposits, or turbo-charger function

Simply add 1 ml per litre of fuel prior to or after filling the fuel tank. This ratio will give protection to all engines under normal everyday driving conditions. For towing or racing and to exceed the Australian Standard AS4430.1-1996, use 2 ml per litre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My car needs a lead replacement product to protect valves. What can I use?

4 years ago

Lead Substitute Valve Saver makes unleaded petrol suitable for use in older cars which were designed to operate on leaded petrol. It is also suitable for valve protection of LPG powered engines when added via under-bonnet lubricator kits.

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I have a vehicle fitted with LPG, does Nulon have a valve saver product?

4 years ago

Nulon Lead Substitute Valve Saver is formulated to provide maximum valve seat protection for LPG fuelled vehicles when added using under-bonnet lubricator kits

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Does Nulon have an under-bonnet applicator kit for their Lead Substitute?

4 years ago

No, Nulon do not produce an applicator kit. Applicator kits are produced by a number of manufacturers and are available through most aftermarket spare parts outlets.

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Will Nulon fuel treatments give my vehicle better fuel economy?

4 years ago

By cleaning fuel system deposits Nulon fuel treatments can restore fuel economy that has been lost do to fuel system deterioration. Nulon octane and cetane boosters can improve fuel quality which can lead to increased fuel economy.

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What if I accidently place a fuel treatment in my engine oil?

4 years ago

It will dilute the engine oil, effecting its viscosity and ability to protect vital components. We recommend replacing engine oil and filter before driving.

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My diesel is blowing black smoke, what product can help this?

4 years ago

Black exhaust smoke is often caused by fouled injectors. Diesel Injector Cleaner, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner and Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Extreme Clean can remove injector deposits and help reduce black exhaust smoke.

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