Power Steering Fluids

Nulon's range of Power Steering Fluids caters for the growing demand of exotic fluid requirements as well as the everyday Australian favourites. With the range consisting of both mineral and 100% synthetic fluids.

Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid

Nulon's Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid (PSFMV) is a 100% synthetic based power steering fluid that has been specially formulated to suit most power steering systems of Australian, Japanese, American and European vehicles. 

Available in : 500 ml  

Power Steering Fluid

Nulon's Power Steering Fluid (PSF) is a mineral based fluid that has been formulated to suit all power steering systems that require a Dexron® fluid.

Available in : 500 ml   1 Litre  

Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak

Nulon Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak (PSFSL) has been formulated to stop, or minimize fluid leaks and maintain optimum performance of power steering systems.

Available in : 450 ml   1 Litre