Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80)

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Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80) - L80-C

Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80)

The Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80) to use where others fail. L80 is a blend of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluorocarbon particles in a specially prepared lithium-based, water-repellent grease. L80 can be used in almost any greasing application to improve lubrication and reduce temperature and wear.


L80 keeps water and dust out while a plating of PTFE is applied to the mating surfaces under working conditions. Seal performance is improved and operating temperature reduced, resulting in less grease "throw". L80 is applicable to the majority of situations specifying grease lubrication, especially in high pressure, water and salt-water conditions including wire ropes.

L80 has a continuous temperature operating range of -9°C to 150°C.

L80 provides a residual lubrication, which is added insurance, combined with savings through less wear and downtime, making it an economical benefit. Smoother running, increased efficiency and prolonged machinery life, less labour and less volume of lubricant, all indicate higher profits. Where L80 has been used on a continuous basis, seizing and pitting will not occur on the friction surfaces.

The grease to use where others fail!


The list below is only indicative of the applications of L80 grease.

Vehicles Marine Equipment Miscellaneous
Universal joints Sump and bilge pumps Cables
Wheel bearings Deck winches Bearings
Leaf springs Trawl ropes Bushings
King pins Boat trailer bearings Guides
Chassis Outboard fittings Cams
Tow balls Stern tube bearings Valves
Water pumps Propeller shafts Slides
Turntables Anchor winches Pumps
Clutch release bearings Rudderpost bearings Mining equipment
Ball joints   Conveyors
    Farm machinery
    Production equip.

Typical Properties

Tests ASTM Nulon L80
NLGI N°   2
Soap Type   Lithium 12
Colour   Dark red
Texture   Smooth, buttery
Penetration @ 25°C D217  
Unworked D217 290
Worked, 60 strokes D217 275
Worked, 10,000
D217 292
Change % D217 1.06
Dropping Point °C D2265 190
Roll stability D1831  
Penetration change %   +12
Leakage, wheel bearing D1263  
65g packed, 163°C g   1g
Water washout @ 80°C % D1264 3.5
Oil separation D1742  
24 hours @ 25°C kPa   2
Oxidation stability D3336  
Pressure drop @
100 hour kPa
Pressure drop @
500 hour kPa
Lubrication life,
bearing N° 204
10,000 rpm,
163°C, hours
Rust prevention rating D1743 1
Timken OK load, kg D2509 23
4 Ball EP test D2596  
Load wear index   40
Weld point, kg   290
4 Ball wear test, 40 kg, 1 hour D2266  
1200 rpm @ 75°C
scar, m
Ball joint test D3428  
Brine sensitivity   Pass
Torque stability   Pass
Base oil, cst @ 40°C D445 143
Base oil, cst @ 100°C D445 14

Pack Sizes


450 g cartridge
9 per carton
Barcode: 9311090000339


450 g tub
6 Per Carton
Barcode: 9311090000148