Pro-Strength Ezi-Glide (EZI330)

Nulon Pro-Strength Ezi-Glide clear silicone spray is the perfect lubricant to use in hundreds of different applications. Nulon Pro-Strength Ezi-Glide is clear, water repellent, durable, super slippery and easy to use. Pro-Strength Ezi-Glide can be safely used on all surfaces including metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, fibreglass, fabrics, wood and paint. Ezi-Glide is non-staining, although we recommend testing as a precautionary measure.

Nulon Pro-Strength Ezi-Glide does not react with most substances, so it can be used to form a barrier to protect surfaces from other damaging substances such as oil, paint and ink. Ezi-Glide is extremely effective in protecting against graffiti.

Pack sizes

  • Easy to use
  • Water repellent
  • Non-staining (though we recommend testing)
  • Lubricates
  • Protects against staining and graffiti
  • Attracts less dust than conventional lubricants
  • Wide temperature range

Automotive Uses:

Nulon Ezi-Glide is excellent for lubricating door, bonnet and boot hinges and catches, as well as electric sunroof mechanisms and seat runners. A simple spray allows car windows to slide up and down easily - without staining black window rubbers. It eliminates squeaks in car dashboards and door seals. It also protects and beautifies door seal rubbers.

Transport and Industrial Uses:

Ezi-Glide is perfect for assembling and lubricating O-rings. Use on plastic valves, filling lines and conveyors, pool filter controls, pins and bushes, plastic gears, plastic moulds, bearings and all types of industrial machinery. Use wherever a clear, water-repellent, non-staining lubricant is needed. Ezi-Glide has a temperature range from -73°C to 316°C. It can be safely used in the maintenance of all types of office equipment such as photocopiers, printers etc. as well as chair mechanisms and castors.

Household Uses:

Ezi-Glide is ideal for use on zippers, door locks, hinges, drawer runners, sewing machines and home appliances. Because it is clear and will not stain, it is a great lubricant for curtain tracks, vertical blind and venetian blind mechanisms. Use to lubricate sliding doors, garage doors, window channels, fishing reels and garden tools. Ezi-Glide repels water, oils, adhesives, inks and paints.

Simply spray a light film on all surfaces. Wipe off excess. Do not use on or near areas to be painted. (As a precaution, before using on fabrics, test on a sample or an unimportant area first for possible staining.)


Use with adequate ventilation. Get fresh air if required. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, call a physician immediately. Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not puncture or incinerate can, even when empty. Store in a cool place out of the sun. Keep away from heat, flames or sources of ignition.

Highly Flammable

Dangerous Goods Class 2.1
Miscellaneous Hazardous UN No. 1950
Poisons Schedule: N/A
Hazchem Code: 2Y
Propellant: Hydrocarbon


Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

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