A range consisting of Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner, Brakeclean, Silicone Spray, Handyman Multi-purpose Spray Lube and the appropriately named "Start Ya Bastard" Instant Engine Starter.


Nulon Brakeclean (BRAKE400) safely removes brake fluid, dust, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings, drums and clutch parts.

Available in : 440g can  

Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner

Nulon Throttle Body & Carby Cleaner (CARB400) is specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove gum, sludge, varnish, grease and dirt build-up from carburettors, throttle bodies, automatic chokes, PCV and EGR valves.

Available in : 400g can  


Nulon Ezi-Glide (EZI330), a clear silicone spray, is the perfect lubricant to use in hundreds of different applications. EZI330 is water repellent, durable, super slippery and easy to use. EZI330 can be used safely on all surfaces.

Available in : 330g can  

Handyman Spray Lube

Nulon Handyman Spray Lube is perfect for thousands of uses. You will be amazed at how well it works - we guarantee it. In developing this product we searched far and wide to bring together the best technology and components in order to provide consumers with a product that will outperform the myriad of other products in its class.

Available in : 400g can  

Start Ya Bastard Instant Engine Starter

Stop swearing now!! Nulon "Start Ya Bastard" (SYB) promotes easy starting of all diesel and petrol engines (both 2 and 4 stroke). Nulon's SYB high potency, highly concentrated, highly flammable formulation is designed to instantly fire-up difficult-to-start engines. 

Available in : 350g can   150g can  

Foaming Air Intake Cleaner

Nulon Foaming Air Intake Cleaner is specially formulated to clean the air intake system and combustion chamber without the need to dismantle the engine. 

Available in : 150g can