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Worn Engine Repair (E10)

Nulon Worn Engine Repair with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fights friction and wear in worn engines. It helps extend the life of worn petrol, diesel or LPG engines. The PTFE particles suspended in Worn Engine Repair provide a protective shield between all friction surfaces, minimising the effects of existing wear and helping to reduce further wear.

Nulon Worn Engine Repair with PTFE reduces oil consumption, helps restore cylinder compression and promotes a quieter smoother engine. The protective shield created by PTFE extends the life of worn petrol, diesel turbo and LPG engines. Use Worn Engine Repair with every oil change to enhance the protection oil alone provides.

NOTE: Worn Engine Repair can be used with any type of engine oil.


  • Reduces engine wear
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces valve lifter noise
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Will not affect oil viscosity
  • Helps restore cylinder compression
  • Promotes a quieter, smoother engine
  • Compatible with mineral & synthetic petrol & diesel oils

Directions for use

1 bottle treats up to 6 litres of oil. Shake bottle and add contents to engine oil. Idle engine for at least 1 minute. Use with every oil change.

Application rates

Car & truck engines - 1 bottle per 6 litres of engine oil

4 stroke motorcycles - 50 ml per litre of oil (safe with wet clutches)

NOTE: For diesel engines, use a Nulon diesel engine treatment.

First aid

For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (Phone e.g. Australia 131 126; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor (at once).

Typical Properties

Tests ASTM Nulon E10
Colour Visual Green
Flash point, COC, °C D92 198
Foam characteristics D892 Nil foam
Viscosity @ 40 °C, cSt D445 58.71
Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt D445 8.390
Viscosity index D2270 114
Density, Kg/L D1298 0.9205
Pour point , °C D97 -15
Melting point of PTFE, °C D1457 >325

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Feedback: Worn Engine Treatment , 22 May 2016 DickTurbo By DickTurbo
This is a big hello from the UK, I have just used Nulon Worn Engine Treatment in my 1992 Ford Sierra 2.0 injection dohc estate car , that has been owned by our family since new. We know its service history and we have looked after it very well. It has now done in excess of 160,000 miles and was starting to exhibit noisy start ups i.e general noise /rattling for the first 15-20 seconds, before the oil was fully circulated. . I used a good quality fully synthetic oil on the last oil change and this helped a bit , but on the recent change, I used the same synthetic and also added the Nulon worn engine treatment as well. This combination proved fantastic and the start up noise has disappeared..This engine has a cam chain and hydraulic tensioner plus guides and I believe this worn chain system was the source of the noise that the Nulon has quietened down. Very impressive indeed. I wish we could still get Nulon in the UK as this was my one and only bottle that I purchased on ebay some years ago and previously had never got round to using. You good people in Australia are very lucky to have access to such an excellent product DickTurbo
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21 Jun 2019 Teach By Teach
Just tried this produce 30 minutes ago !!! This product really works. The engine sounds so smooth now.
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6 of 7 people found this helpful
14 Dec 2021 Bundy By Bundy
The best additive ever! First heard about this in late 70's when I saw a Torana on display that had been driven from Melbourne to Sydney without any oil after it had done ???Km's with Nulon added then drained for the journey. Some years latter (early 80's) I bought an old VH Valiant wagon for $500 to take me and the Mrs and a lounge setting from Sydney to Cairns. By the time we got to Gosford the old girl had burnt 4L of oil so I bought a 20L drum of the cheapest oil I could find as I walked out the door with my oil I spotted Nulon on the shelf and thought why not. 3 days later we arrived in Cairns all safe and sound with well more than half the drum of oil. I have used E30 & E10 in everything ever since (With the exception of wet clutch motorbikes).
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22 May 2021 Vic Jenner By Vic Jenner
First time user of any Nulon product. Own a 1981 6.75 litre V8 Silver Spirit, milage in excess of 168,000 mls. tappets noisy. A difference has been apparent after only 50 miles of pouring this product in the oil, everything appears to be smoothing out (if you know what I mean) another report will be forwarded a few miles closer to the next oil change. One question I have to ask, you state that this product should be used every oil change but only one product is to used at a time. If another is required do I delete this or add to?
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Do I add Nulon Engine Treatments to my old engine oil or new engine oil?

Nulon anti-wear Engine Treatments based on PTFE can be added to engine oil at any time but are best added to new engine oil after an oil change. Please follow directions of use for the Nulon Engine Treatment products to ensure your engine receives the best possible protection from wear and friction.

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How often should I use Nulon engine treatments ?

Worn Engine Repair (E10), Modern Engine Treatment (E20) are recommended at each oil change. For extra protection use Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment (petrol) and Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment.

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Does Nulon have an engine treatment to stop oil leaking from my engine ?

Yes, Nulon engine treatments (Worn Engine Repair (E10),Modern Engine Treatment (E20),Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment,Passenger Car Diesel Engine Treatment, Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment etc) will reduce cylinder blowby and reduce crankcase pressures. Engine Stop Leak (ESL) will also rejuvinate hardened oil seals

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What Nulon engine treatment suits my vehicle ?

This depends to the fuel type (petrol or diesel) and also the age and mileage on the vehicle. Worn Engine Repair (E10) for high mileage engines with some wear, Modern Engine Treatment (E20) for engines in good condition, Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment as a long term treatment. Diesel engines should use Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment.

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Related Questions

No, all Nulon engine treatments are compatable with synthetic and mineral oils

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No, all engine treatment products should only be used as per dosage recommendations as per directions. We would also recommend to not use more than one additive in an engine at one time.

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No, oil changes should still occur at the intervals set by the vehicle manufacturer.

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It is recommended to only use one Nulon engine product at each oil change.

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It will dilute the engine oil, effecting its viscosity and ability to protect vital components. We recommend replacing engine oil and filter before driving.

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Running a very thick oil can sometimes cause issues in modern engines. An area that is often overlooked when oil comsumption is a problem is hardened valve stem seals. Oil will bypass hardened seals and allow oil into the combustion chamber via the valve stems. Consumption as high as one litre per thousand kms can be caused by valve stem seal leakage. Nulon Engine Stop Leak (ESL) can rejuvenate hardened valve stem seals and should be used before moving to a thicker engine oil.

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